SoundCloud song with your photo 25x16x1cm


SoundCloud song with your photo 25x16x1cm

We will make your chosen SoundCloud song with your photo 25x16x1cm and arrange it with you after receiving the order and payment. When ordering, be sure to specify the song from the SoundCloud platform so that we can generate a special QR code. Of course, you can do without it, but it is much more innovative 😉

History of this product:

A few years ago, we introduced the Spotify frame, and quite recently a client contacted us who ordered spotify, but wrote to put SoundCloud instead of the spotify badge. Well, word by word, we decided to make a separate product with all SoundCloud attributes and code. We also like this product because the photo is the full height of the frame, making the most of the glass frame.

Try to find the original photo taken on your phone or camera, and attach it when ordering the product in the field provided for this purpose, so you do not lose the quality of the photo.

Your photo is printed on a wooden frame, Dimensions:  25x16x1cm

to order, contact us and we will match the measurements and the text.

If You like to clarify please write email: or call by phone: +37062195661. We are speaking in English, Russian and Lithuanian.

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