3D Award H30cm with accent LED lighting


3D Award H30cm with accent LED lighting

This glass 3D award H30cm with accent LED lighting award consists of two parts. This is a glass product of 10x10xH20 glass product, in which your nomination is engraved with a 3D laser engraving. And a special stand where programmable LED lighting with 64 RGB LED matrix is installed. This lighting is specially programmed to highlight certain areas with your desired colors. The zones are not super accurate due to the light refraction of the glass, but it is definitely possible to program 3-4 separate zones in this size of glass. The stand has a built-in battery with a controller that can ensure the autonomous operation of the lighting for up to 6-12 hours depending on the intensity of the lighting. After coordinating the lighting with the customer, we will set it according to the wishes expressed by the customer.

According to the customer’s individual request, the customer’s logo and nomination are engraved. In addition, a custom box can be made according to the exclusive design, which will create a unique and complete gift.

If You like to clarify please write email: magicofgift@gmail.com or call by phone: +37062195661. We are speaking in English, Russian and Lithuanian.

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