Wooden box for knives 37x27xh33cm


Wooden box for knives 37x27xh33cm

With compartments 3x3cm + 3x12xm. Holds up to 35 small blades vertically + 4 horizontally. And 11 large knives are in the drawer up to 30 cm long.

Painted and varnished brown.
We can paint it brown, mahogany or black. This can take up to 2-3 weeks, but we try to do it as soon as possible.
Printing or engraving is possible.

We can engrave a text or picture to suit your occasion.

Contact us to order; we will match the measurements and text.

If You like to clarify please write email: magicofgift@gmail.com or call by phone: +37062195661. We are speaking in English, Russian and Lithuanian.

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