Prismatic glass with your photo 14x10x3cm


Prismatic glass with your photo 14x10x3cm

with box and container.
We will print your photo on Prismatic glass crystal 14×10.5x3cm.
If you would like a text, we will make it and coordinate it with you after receiving the order and payment. We can make a Spotify frame. When ordering, be sure to specify that you want Spotify and a song from the spotify platform so that we can generate a special code. Of course, you can do without it, but it is much more innovative 😉

The history of Spotify: Spotify Song With Your Photo 2021 (

A photo is printed on the back of the glass, the back is covered with white paint.

to order, contact us and we will match the measurements and the text.

If You like to clarify please write email: or call by phone: +37062195661. We are speaking in English, Russian and Lithuanian.

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