Wooden puzzle with frame – game 40x30cm


Wooden puzzle with frame – game 40x30cm

This puzzle is an educational game. One of our clients is a final thesis. Due to the small details, the puzzle is recommended for children over 3 years old.

There are several pieces in the puzzle. We can play with the child, allowing him to develop,

for example, when asked to show where the boat is sailing, where the girl is, where the car is driving or where the rainbow is.

Adapting to your idea, we can make it with your picture or figurines. We will be able to create a game together.

If you want to give it to friends who have small children, we can personalize the puzzle by engraving the child’s name or wish.

Wooden puzzle with your photo. You can really surprise your friends, children or colleagues with this personalized gift.

Through the puzzle, customers often give a hint about an upcoming holiday, christening, soon-to-be-born child.

We offer wooden puzzles for various occasions.

A puzzle is a great decorative decoration and a fun activity with a child.

We produce various sizes, usually from 10x15cm to 20x30cm, we can make a maximum of 30X70cm, in exceptional cases 40x80cm. We will print your photo with or without text.

to order, contact us and we will match the measurements and the text.

If You like to clarify please write email: magicofgift@gmail.com or call by phone: +37062195661. We are speaking in English, Russian and Lithuanian.

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